people oughtta be celebrating tim burton. i know this movie isnt perfect.

still, the man's an artist.

sometimes you go to a movie and you sorta have to let go.

if you dont like it, i understand. i liked it.

i woulda liked it more if Drudge hadn't given away the ending.

if you plan on seeing this film, and you dont want to know the ending, dont read Drudge or listen to his horrible radio show. i dont know why you would in the first place, the man is a sellout to his generation and to his country. was a one trick pony who has now lowered himself to being a spoiler of movies.

what sort of journalism is it when you tell the ending of a movie a week before it comes out?

exactly what service have you performed?

who is benefited?

i hope you get nut cancer tonight.


funny how shit floats to the right.

it cant even help it.


i was driving out of vegas sunday evening and even though the good people of enterprise rent a car totally took care of me and upgraded me from the geo metro to the pontiac grand am, fucker didnt have a cd player so i was, once again, at the mercy of the conventional am/fm radio. i had brought some old tapes to pop into the
boom box in the hotel and after it became obvious that i
wasnt going to pick up many stations in the mojave,
i threw in some of the old mix tapes.

somewhere around baker,
i flipped on the am stations

old drudge was on.

only time theyll let fuckhat on is on sunday evenings.

he tells the end of the movie and i kept telling myself, nah
he's not that much of a prick.

but i guess
he is.

i hope his nuts balloon out, become unbearably itchy,
and then i hope they leak internally.

i know he's already been cursed with the looks of a man
who appears to have once been hit by a shovel.
but apparently no sense was beaten into him.

caught the flick at the vista theatre on sunset
near hollywood. what a great place.

we all clapped when shira's name
was in the credits.

had a nice shishkabob at pioneer chicken