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   Monday, December 05, 2005  
"We are indeed in a propaganda war
and our primary target is our fellow citizens."
- Roger L. Simon, Co-Founder, Pajamas Media


so to review:

1. we have an administration that has been caught corrupting every branch of the media
2. the department of defense being advised to pay off foreign alternative news sources including blogs
3. a group of hawkish bloggers who for some reason believe that propaganda is otay
4. a sloppy semi-international group of mostly bush loyalists with $3.5 million in funding
from a warchest of $600+ million for access to their side bars and all their ad space
5. major conservative bloggers balking or backing out once theyve seen the evil up close
6. current pajamas-wearers not denying that im wrong, but instead calling me names
7. the co-founder of the project gleefully admiting that his venture is indeed
in the propaganda business and target is the US citizens... not Iraqis
8. the angel investor of Pajamas Media, Aubrey Chernick
has deep ties to BushCo most recently in
crisis management readiness

the emperor has no clothes but his flunkies are sellouts in pjs

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