michael jordan's coming back and i roll my laundry
down edgemont past the dead squirrel, past the
fat little kid in his karate outfit and sneakers
waiting for his mom to drive him to the boys
club, past fountain, and into the coin laundry
where the mexicans watch seinfeld until
the chinese owner flips the channel to
monday night football and i wonder
if life could be any better. i fill up four
machines and hear the ring ring
of some bells and im hungry and
it's a venezuelan with a shopping
cart containing one steaming
pot full of ears of corn. and first
a lady gets an ear. then two men.
then me. he speaks english well
and i wonder if he knows he
has a raiders tshirt and a jets
hat? he sprinkles salt all
over my corn and squeezes
hot butter and wraps a
napkin around the stick
and i pay him a dollar and
we're even. i stand outside
the coin laundry cuz my
corn is dripping butter
and i wonder if life
could be better
and then jeanine
takes me
to midnight
taco on