mary was my first girlfriend. we met each other at a hockey game. she liked me and i liked her but we were too afraid to tell each other so we just talked to each other on the phone for TWO YEARS! i lived in hanover park, she lived in schaumburg and we thought we lived so far from each other, but one day the farmer cut a little farm road and we realized that we lived exactly ONE mile away from each other. it wasnt until her dad got a transfer to san francisco that i decided it was time to make the move. first i took her to see "wargames" but that movie was so good that i totally forgot to make any move, so the next week we went to see steve martin's "the man with two brains". back then i was really superstitious and i told myself that if there was a good song on the radio (a certain impossibility) then that meant that it was a sign from Above to go for it. well we were parked outside her house and tom petty's breakdown came on and i went for it and all was well in the suburbs. when she moved i wrote every day and looked at this picture maybe thirty times a day.