chicks only want one thing.
it gets embarrassing sometimes, but you have to make due.
pj had been begging me all season to take her to a dodger game.
i was all, nah. im pissed at baseball for that strike.
she insisted. and on this one bust
we found all these cool tickets to
concerts and plays and sporting events.
but since we both lead secret double lives
we havent had that much time to actually
enjoy these tickets.
usually, i donate them to the church, or the blind.
but sometimes i trade them for fatburgers and shakes.
even though i have a flying car, it was still a bitch
to park, since it was chan ho park pitching
against a mister kerry wood.
and they were giving the kids
minatures of chan ho,
brown and dreifort.
the problem was, pj's crazy for chan ho
and we weren't 14 and under.