WILSHIRE/WESTERN IS OK, I SWEAR..........................

i was starting my third set of bench presses when my spotter and personal trainer, melinda, motioned to one of the t.v.'s by the row of lifecycles and said, "isn't that your train station?" melinda, like pretty much everyone i have found myself around lately , is gorgeous. not just her heart, her everything. the problem is, shes probably the worst personal trainer for me because the distractions are obvious and when i look at the mirrors to check my form i see her form then i see me and i want to kill myself. lucky for me, my beloved subway was getting ready to kill me just incase i didnt get the job done.

after my workout, i sat in the sauna and didnt even think about the short little conversation that she and i had about nerve gas and toyko and why dont you have a car or any of that, i prayed. ive found that the sauna is a great place to pray. so quiet.

took forever to get a bus on wilshire at seven pm but got one near la brea and i asked the busdriver if the red line was running and she whispered "i dont think so."

so i hopped off at western and pulled out my camera.